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Bearded Dragon Brumation Bearded Dragon Health, Illness, Disease Learn how to determine how healthy your bearded dragon is and discover the signs of common bearded dragon illnesses and diseases.

Bearded Dragon Brumation Bearded Dragon Brumation Symptoms. Shirley, my Bearded Dragon, has been asleep for two months so far, and I miss her s. She is going through a natural process called brumation.

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Some owners think that forcing brumation by lowering temperatures and light to simulate winter is the way to go while others try to hinder it. Personally, I feel it is best to let your bearded dragon do whatever comes naturally.

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Bearded Dragon Brumation Behavior. Each bearded dragon may behave differently during the brumation stage. Some bearded dragons will sleep during the whole brumation period without waking up, and some will take long naps off and on. During the brumation period, a bearded dragon will likely to stop eating and drinking water.

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Bearded Dragon Brumation Brumation is a naturally occurring hibernation cycle that bearded dragons go through. Bearded dragons will go through a brumation stage in the winter or fall in response to the change in lighting or temperatures.

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Bearded dragons are the most common breed of reptile pets that brumate. Bearded dragons are very unpredictable and may brumate every year, never at all, for long periods of time, or on and off through a season.

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The reality of the matter is that there is no “wrong time of the year” for a Bearded Dragon to go into brumation. To understand the reasoning behind this reality, we need to remember that Bearded Dragons are native to Australia, which is in the Southern Hemisphere, on the other side of the world.

Brumation In Bearded Dragons Beardeddragon Org

For those who are not experienced in the hobby, and who keep Bearded Dragons as pets, one of the greatest sources of worry is when, for one reason or another, our bear.s refuse to eat for long periods of time, or become increasingly inactive and lethargic.

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Your bearded dragon is a reptile, therefore, it undergoes brumation. But, contradict to some beliefs, some bearded dragon do not undertake brumation. Bearded dragon brumation usually starts when your bearded dragon turns one year old, and in its second winter.

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Brumation is often referred to as bearded dragon “hibernation” but it is not the same thing as what mammals go through in snowy winter months. There are many concerns among new dragon owners regarding the winter months when their dragon seems to eat, drink and move around less.

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The method bearded dragons have evolved to deal with these fluctuations is called brumation. This mechanism is common to many reptiles and differs in minor ways from the mammalian version. It is basically hibernation, which they use to slow down their metabolism and conserve energy, so they don’t starve to.

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What are the Bearded Dragon Brumation Symptoms? Less active, lethargic, lazy Sleeping earlier than usual, or sleeping during the day Eat less or stop eating altogether Doesn’t poop Hide under something, or dig under his substrate BEARDED DRAGON Books on Amazon. How Long Does Brumation Last? It depends on the dragon and its conditions.

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